My Prayer

4 02 2011

My Prayer—J. Kennedy/G. Boulanger, 1926 [lyrics added in 1939] (Recorded Feb 4, 2011) Most people know this song by its 1956 cover hit by the Platters but the tune itself goes back quite a bit further than that. I have a distinct memory of when I learned how to play this song because it was early in my uking career: I recall noodling about with it on the uke while hanging with an older cousin of mine who in my childhood was very instrumental in turning me on to old R&B and early rock and roll.

This track is clearly an outtake, but I decided to post it as an instructive and (I hope) entertaining example of the sorts of problems inherent in the home-studio recording process. I’ll ordinarily get a good take on the songs represented here in between three and ten tries. Only on rare occasions does something come out right the first time. After going over “My Prayer” four or five times, I came up with this take, which starts out ok but falls apart after the instrumental/scat chorus, thanks in part to my many inadequacies but also due to an abrupt interruption by a marauding winged arthropod. There’s an expletive, but don’t worry—I deleted it. Bleep!



2 responses

4 02 2011
Glenn Read

Wow Pat…Great stuff you been putting up!
Can’t wait to see you in a few wks!
Keep it up pal… 1 a day!

5 02 2011
Patsy Monteleone

Thanks. See you you soon, bud. Looking forward to it!

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