Darn That Dream

7 02 2011

Darn That Dream—J. Van Heusen/E. De Lange, 1939 (Recorded Feb. 7, 2011) Here’s another tune by Jimmy Van Heusen with a lyric by Eddie De Lange. Van Heusen is said to have been the only guy that Sinatra himself idolized. He wrote sophisticated tunes for the movies between the years 1938 when he got his start, and all the way through the early 1960s when TPA guys like him started to become anachronistic. Alec Wilder in American Popular Song says, “‘Darn That Dream’ has a very interesting and difficult melody in that its chromatic character makes the notes hard to find.” I’ll say. I had some trouble playing this one as it’s full of barre chords and my carpal tunnel syndrome has been acting up. I recorded it in a couple of pieces but I’m happy that the pieces knitted together pretty well without the seams showing.

UPDATE: I’ve re-recorded this entirely and updated the player with the new version. Even though I’m starting in with a head cold and my voice is a bit harsh, I feel that the uke playing and performance on this version is better. (I did some stretching exercises before playing and my arms did not feel like burning ship timbers afterwards.)

Thanks for listening!



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