Waltz for Debby

9 02 2011

Waltz for Debby—B. Evans/G. Lees, 1956 (Recorded Feb. 9, 2011) Here’s the Bill Evans jazz standard which he wrote for his niece, Debby Evans, in ’56. Evans expanded the piece to its current well-known form in 1961, with the aid of his influential trio that included Scott Lafaro on bass and Paul Motian on drums. Here, I play and sing it straight through with the uke, with an added instrumental break where I combined a low-pitch effect with the normal tone. My voice is nasally, as the head cold has fully blossomed, just like the blossoms that fell and touched two lips that lied.



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5 03 2011

Hi Patsy,

It’s great to hear you sing this. Such an incredibly lovely tune. It’s a shame Gene Lees lyrics aren’t really up to the same standard.

5 03 2011
Patsy Monteleone

Hi, Dibbs. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, the lyric is a bit sentimental, but I think it fits in the sense of a story about a little girl growing up and moving our of her parents’ (father’s) orbit. I found this quote by Lees about his penning of the words:

“I wrote the lyric with my sister Vicky in mind. My father had once said to me, ‘Did you ever watch a little girl dance, as if she could hear music in her head?’ Vicky was already a teenager when I wrote the lyrics; she is 16 years my junior. So it was a memory. ‘Silly old bear’ is a phrase from the last volume of Winnie the Pooh. The lyrics were written in 1962 and ’63. There is more story attached, nothing significant. The only version I ever really liked was by Ed Ames.”

I learned the tune during the time when my own two girls were entering adulthood, so I’ve always gone right along with the sentimentality.

Talk to you soon….

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