Beat o’ My Heart

4 03 2011

Beat o’ My Heart—J. Burke/H. Spina, 1934 (Recorded March 4, 2011) Here’s an old tune that I originally picked up from an Al Bowlly/Ray Noble recording. Tony Bennett did a fantastic up-tempo version on his excellent latin-inspired Beat of My Heart LP, which was released in 1957. Neither version had the verse, though, but I was lucky enough to come across the sheet music for the tune. I’m not much of a sight reader of music, so I had to struggle a bit to make sense of all those squiggly lines until I was able to figure out the intro.

I’m sort of on a roll with recording and posting tunes. This’ll be the last one for the week, though. I’ll probably get back into it next Wednesday or so. Thanks for listening!



2 responses

5 03 2011
Robert Hultman

This is GREAT Patsy! What a comeback after your cold. You nail four of my favourites (nr 18-21) and introduce another great song to me (nr 22).

I really enjoyed listening to them.

5 03 2011
Patsy Monteleone

Thanks, Robert! So glad you stopped by for a listen. Keep in touch.

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