Shh, The Old Man’s Sleeping

9 03 2011

Shh, The Old Man’s Sleeping—J. Ricardel/F. Warren, 1946 (Recorded March 9, 2011) This is a comical old novelty song I picked up from a Hoagy Carmichael recording. Everybody knows (or is, as I am) an old man whose “Do Not Disturb” sign hangs proudly around his neck, and you’d better not mess with him, ‘specially when he’s a-nappin’! But you later find out that the old man has a party-on agenda that does not necessarily fit with his curmudgeonly, kids-off-my-lawn stereotype. I used the Epiphone banjo uke for this one, and added various sound effects and vocalizations.

UPDATE: I’ve re-mixed this tune and changed the sound FX and vocalizations to make for a better-sounding version, I think. ;°)




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