I Get Ideas

17 03 2011

I Get Ideas—J.C. Sanders/D. Cochran, 1927 [English lyric by Cochran added in 1951] (recorded March 17, 2011) My example of this tune is patterned after the well-known Louis Armstrong version, which he recorded in 1951. Peggy Lee’s 1951 Latin-style cut of this song is probably truer to the song’s original intention: it was composed by Argentinian Julio Cesar Sanders as a tango (originally titled “Adios Muchachos”) in long-ago 1927. From Wikipedia:

“I Get Ideas” is sung by Desi Arnaz playing Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy in episode 31 “The Publicity Agent” first aired on May 12, 1952 and Lucille Ball sings the song as Lucy Ricardo in episode 130 of I Love Lucy, “Lucy and the Dummy” which was broadcast on October 17, 1955.

Don’t you just love Teh Internets? How else would I have found this out? I don’t simply know all this stuff. In the old days, I’d have had to spend half a day per song in the library researching this information. [rant]Keep the Internet free from corporate and government meddling![/rant]

Anyway, I’m giving my baritone uke a workout. I tuned it up one step to A (E-A-C#-F#) which I find lends spark to the usually mellow bari. The “boo-boo-boo” scat singing during the instrumental break is courtesy of Bing Crosby’s influence.



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