Dancing on the Ceiling

23 03 2011

Dancing on the Ceiling—R. Rodgers/L. Hart, 1930 (Recorded March 23, 2011) I’m posting a couple of Rodgers and Hart songs for this round. This is a purdy little tune written originally for the 1930 musical, Ever Green. “Dancing on the Ceiling” has had a popular livelihood, with more cover recordings to its name than the other two R&H songs I’ve just posted. Sinatra sang it on his In The Wee Small Hours record, and Ella and June Christy and Jeri Southern cut it, too. Nice.

(Also just replaced the mp3s for these 3 new tunes with the properly tagged files…I ain’t getting the hang of that little bit of meta-maintenance.)



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27 03 2011
Howlin' Hobbit

Would still be better to add the titles. I know the filenames are the titles, but (most) mp3 players use the title tag for that info.

27 03 2011
Patsy Monteleone

Good point—I didn’t realize that, but I’ll add title tags from now on. Thanks.

And thanks for stopping by to have a listen. I really appreciate it.



27 03 2011
Howlin' Hobbit

not just having a listen… I’m collecting the whole set! 🙂

of course, my silly tag editor doesn’t believe in albums of longer than 30 tracks, so I’m splitting it up into the “100 Songs Project – Disc 1,” Disc 2, etc. of 25 tracks per so that they’ll play in order. also adding in the composer(s) and year since you’re kindly identifying such things.

I’ve played Disc 1 a couple times now while futzing about here on the computer and now that Disc 2 is up to 10 tunes I’ll probably add that to the playlist. got a lot of programming stuff to do in the near future and music helps a lot.

27 03 2011
Patsy Monteleone

Great. So glad you can enjoy the tunes. It’s a labor of love on my part and my pleasure to share the music. Thanks.

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