Moon of My Delight

24 03 2011

Moon of My Delight—R. Rodgers/L. Hart, 1928 (Recorded March 24, 2011) I’m not sure why I’m on such a Rodgers and Hart kick these days. I think I heard one of their tunes as a TV jingle or something. Then I remembered that I once read Richard Rodgers’s Musical Stages: An Autobiography, which then reminded me that R&H (and H) were among my earliest musical influences, both as a child and later as a young-adult ukulele-enthusiast. I have a childhood memory of being at a luncheonette in my old neighborhood and hearing Sinatra on the jukebox singing “The Lady Is a Tramp” and confusing it with the Disney cartoon but also imagining a woman dressed in hobo’s clothing. These few R&H numbers I’ve added in the past two days were some of the first songs I learned to play on the uke, too.

“Moon of My Delight” is a delightful moon song, and I thought it would be appropriate to record it now that the real moon is at a close perigee distance from the earth. I learned the tune from the cut on the recording session Mary Martin did with Richard Rodgers which resulted in the excellent Mary Martin Sings, Richard Rodgers Plays album which I listened to until the vinyl record wore out and then I had to buy the CD.



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