The Ruby and the Pearl

7 04 2011

The Ruby and the Pearl—J. Livingston/R. Evans, 1952 (Re-recorded April 7, 2011) Jay Livingston and Ray Evans wrote a bunch of classic mid-Century pop such as “Que Sera, Sera,” “To Each His Own,” and “Thanks To You,” as well as Hollywood movie and TV themes and songs. “The Ruby and the Pearl” debuted in the movie Thunder in the East, which starred Alan Ladd, Deborah Kerr, and Charles Boyer. I picked up this tune from the Nat Cole recording. I wanted to add some theremin to the instrumental break but I just couldn’t get it to sound tuneful, so I used my theremin-like falsetto instead. ;°) [In reality I recorded a falsetto track and then muted it and recorded another falsetto without listening to the first as a reference. This created a harmonic and timing dissonance that appealed to me at the time.]

UPDATE: I agonized over my last version of this song, so I’m glad I had the time today to re-record and post it anew. Is this one any better than the previous one? Who knows? Who cares? I fuss and worry over all the songs I record. They are like children to me. (No, wait—I simply delete the bad songs. I’d never do that with children!) Seriously, this version of “The Ruby and the Pearl” might be better than the other. It’s a naturally melodramatic song and now I emphasized its over-the-top nature. I like melodrama. I remember as a young’un looking through the TV Guide to see what movies were coming up. The Guide used to categorize movies with genre labels: Western, Drama, Comedy, and so on. My favorites were always the ones labeled Melodrama.

Oh, and to add to the minor-key madness of this song, this time I recorded its melodramatic verse. ;°)

Thousands upon thousands of popular songs were written in the early- to mid-20th Century, and one of the challenges I face in doing this project is simply to pick among the available multitude. One of my good friends, Robert Hultman (a fine uker and tuba player) wrote me recently and asked what I planned to do once I reached 100 songs…maybe go for a thousand? Well, I’ll probably not get around to thousand, but I do enjoy doing this and I’m sure I’ll find it difficult to ever come to a stop! Thanks for tuning in.



2 responses

8 04 2011
Howlin' Hobbit

don’t “go for a thousand” when you reach the end of this project. that would wreak havoc with my anal-retentive collecting and labeling of this one. 😉 just start a new project.

also, apparently I have to grab things quick, before you re-do them. that’s right, I have an “extras” sub-folder in the “100 songs” folder for the original versions of the ones you re-record.

hey! I said I was anal-retentive that way!

no matter what though, keep the tunes coming. love your style!

8 04 2011
Patsy Monteleone

Hey, thanks for that. I means a great deal to me to hear from you. I appreciate it.


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