I’ve Got to Pass Your House to Get to My House

14 04 2011

I’ve Got to Pass Your House to Get to My House—Lew Brown, 1933 (Recorded April 14, 2011) This is what you might call a Depression-era stalker song. There are hundreds of them: I saw your shadow on the curtain with that other guy, I’ll follow you, I’ll never be the same, etc. Billy Eckstine sang this, but I learned the tune from a Bing Crosby record. I’ve picked up a lot of material from Bing. He’s one of the best resources for this kind of music because he recorded so much of it, and his tracks are relatively easy to find in CD compilations, used record stores, garage sales, bit torrents, etc. I also learned a lot about singing by listening to Bing, but so did everybody.

I ran this song through a bunch of filters to give it an edgy, clipped, echoey, forlorn sound…at least that’s what I was shooting for, although I might have shot myself in the foot by overdoing it. Ahh, well, that’s that, then.



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