Baltimore Oriole

5 05 2011

Baltimore Oriole—H. Carmichael/P.F. Webster, 1942 (Recorded May 5, 2011) I don’t remember when I added this song to my list, but long before I knew it, I recall jamming with harpist Ellen Tepper at some event or another and she suggested that I should learn it. I suppose she thought it would be cute to hear this ardent, bluesy Hoagy Carmichael tune on a little uke. (Ellen is a fine harpist. I’ve added a link to her Web site in the “General Music” blogroll on the sidebar. Check her out.)

Anyway, here it is, with real Baltimore oriole accompaniment!



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5 05 2011
Phil Doleman

Fantastic Patsy! I first hear of this song about 20 something years ago when the late great guitarist Isaac Guillory used to play it, and have always loved it. When you love one version so much, someone else’s interpretation can sometimes disappoint, but not this one!

5 05 2011
Patsy Monteleone

Thanks, Phil! Nice to hear from you. And thanks for turning me on to Isaac Guillory. I never heard him before but I’m checking him out on YT right now. He’s amazing!

See you around one of these days….

5 05 2011
Dave Davies


8 05 2011

Beautfil song and interpretation, I just found your site through !

8 05 2011
Patsy Monteleone

Thanks for stopping by!

9 01 2014

Really knocked out by this recording, Patsy. And have enjoyed several others today.

Problem: Wanted to include one of your recordings on my site, if you don’t mind, but while I was able to download the file, WordPress won’t accept the file type.

24 01 2014
P. Monteleone

Sorry for the very late response. The songs are in the fairly universal MP3 format, so I’m not sure what other kind of file might be acceptable. Anyway, thanks for checking in!

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