Meet Me at No Special Place

29 05 2011

Meet Me at No Special Place (and I’ll Be There at No Particular Time)—H. Pyle/J.R. Robinson/A. Terker, 1944 (Recorded May 29, 2011) Another song with a long parenthetical co-title. This is an early proto-R&B song that foreshadows the coming rock and roll revolution. Nat King Cole recorded it back in ’44-’45, and the great Mose Allison covered it more recently. I did this in a hurry before the heat rises in my attic recording studio and toasts my computer’s motherboard.

This is my first new song posted in a while. I’m thinking of making some changes around here, but it’s easier to think about making changes than to make changes. Keep tuned in….



2 responses

29 05 2011
Howlin' Hobbit

wonderful, slightly snotty lyrics. 🙂

you, of course, croon it beautifully.

two more tunes and “disc 2” of the project will be done. I say this because, due to the nature of my tagging software, 25/disc is a good way to split it up so I can listen to them in the order you released them. (it’s the fact that EasyTag doesn’t allow more than 30 track numbers.)

29 05 2011
Patsy Monteleone

“Snotty,” huh? I hadn’t thought of the lyric that way, but it’s spot on! My output has slowed considerably for a variety of reasons. I still hope to get through at least one song per week, maybe more, more likely fewer. Three per month might turn into the average.

Thanks for listening and for commenting, HH.

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