I Wished on the Moon

17 08 2011

I Wished on the Moon—R. Rainger/D. Parker, 1935 (Recorded August 17, 2011) Bing Crosby introduced this nice old jazz ballad in the film The Big Broadcast of 1936, and it was a hit for the 20-year-old Billie Holiday during her early sessions with the Teddy Wilson Orchestra. Sinatra did a loverly version, released on his 1966 Moonlight Sinatra compilation, which is where I nicked this arrangement.

I used the Earnest La Paula ukulele and added maracas and bongos later on. It was a challenge keep proper time with the percussion, since I didn’t do the uke and vocal part against a rhythm track. Turned out OK after all.



2 responses

26 08 2011
Dave Davies

good to have you back – I’ve missed your songs!

26 08 2011
Patsy Monteleone

Thanks! Good to be back.

Tying down for the big hurricane. Wish us luck!



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