Alice in Wonderland

10 11 2011

Alice in Wonderland—S. Fain/B. Hilliard, 1951 (Recorded November 10, 2011) I recorded this video for my friend, Ray Shakeshaft, who got hit with a serious illness a couple of months ago. Ray is recuperating at a rehab center in England, and some of his chums put together a YouTube channel so that friends could post videos to cheer Ray up as he recovers.

Sammy Fain wrote this song for the animated Disney feature of the same name, and if you check back on my list of songs to Number 10, “That Old Feeling,” you’ll hear another tune by the great Mr. Fain. I’ve also added the mp3 of this song to the widget. The audio quality is not very good, though, as it derives from the “phone” that I used to record the video. (Who would have imagined even just a couple of years ago that telephones would become tools to make videos, surf the Internet, and gaze at the stars?)



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