I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City

6 01 2012

I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City—L. Rene/J. Lange, 1942 (Recorded January 6, 2012) When my wife and I first met back in 1977, we went on a (mostly) hitchhiking trip out west that took us throughout the Pacific Northwest. We stopped in SLC for a spell, where someone snapped a picture of us standing around with a group of people out on the Bonneville Salt Flats; wish I had a copy of that photo.

Johnny Mercer’s is probably the best known version of this breezy, bluesy tune, and I took a few cues from the maestro with this recording. I used the Earnest Instruments cigar box uke, and I distorted the whistling break to make it sound like it went through an amp. Actually, the whole thing is kind of ampy and distorted. You know what they say: Ampy, distorted minds make ampy, distorted music. ;°)




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