My Very Good Friend the Milkman

3 02 2012

My Very Good Friend the Milkman—H. Spina/J. Burke, 1934 (Recorded February 3, 2012) Here’s an old tune I grabbed from a Fats Waller recording. My very good friend and amazing pianist Larry Fridkis and I have worked out a piano-uke-vocal version of this that is very hot, and one day I’ll have to see about getting a proper recorded cut of us playing it together. Another very good friend of mine, Roger Greenawalt, told me that now Paul McCartney has done this tune. Whilst looking for Paul’s version, I came across a YouTube video of Eric Clapton playing it! Geez, who’s next? Rod &*%€§@¶ Stewart? As I told Roger, those guys are behind the times…I’ve been uking this tune for twenty years. ;°)



2 responses

4 02 2012
Dave Davies

love your versions of Fats, Patsy! More please, while you’re on a roll…….

4 02 2012
Patsy Monteleone

Thanks, Dan! I’ve accumulated a couple of requests from friends, and one tune is “Your Feet’s Too Big.” I’ll give that one a go next time.

See you around,


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