My Foolish Heart

10 02 2012

My Foolish Heart—V. Young/N. Washington, 1949 (Recorded February 10, 2012) Mi buen amigo, Ben Farrington, requested this tune, and I hope I’ve done it justice to his ears. It is a tough one to sing, with its sustained high notes and tricky verbalizations. I’ve been playing it for many years, but I only recently went ahead and learned the verse by way of the fantastic collaboration between Tony Bennett and Bill Evans.

Wikipedia reports that critics were not universally kind to the Academy-Award-nominated ballad:

The song was introduced by the singer Martha Mears in the 1949 film of the same name. The song failed to escape critics’ general laceration of the film. Time wrote in its review that “nothing offsets the blight of such tear-splashed excesses as the bloop-bleep-bloop of a sentimental ballad on the sound track.”

For a song that was not well-received critically in its time, it certainly did go on to attract a lot of attention in later years, as a who’s-who of celebrity musicians found time in their busy recording schedules to cut their own versions: Carmen McRae, Frank Sinatra, Mel Tormé, Billy Eckstine, Al Martino, Ben E. King, Tom Jones, Susannah McCorkle, Oscar Peterson, Joe Williams, Keith Jarrett, Al Jarreau…and the list goes on. Real piece of crap, this tune, huh?

NOTE: I just uploaded a new mp3. The first one had some kind of noisy artifact throughout, and I think I fixed it with this version.

ANOTHER NOTE: Well, I think I still hear the noise. I probably need a new digital recording interface. Or new ears.



2 responses

10 02 2012
Neil E. Murphy

Has always been one off my favorites. Nice job…

10 02 2012
Patsy Monteleone

Great to hear from you, Neil. Thanks for checking in.

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