Last Train to Clarksville

1 03 2012

Last Train to Clarksville—T. Boyce/B. Hart, 1966 (Recorded March 1, 2012) Davy Jones died yesterday, so I decided to do this song in tribute to the cute Monkee. I liked the Monkees as a kid. Their TV show was funny and entertaining, and their songs were catchy. I know, I know—they didn’t write their own material, and they mostly didn’t play instruments; the four Mop-Top-look-alikes were young, aspiring actors who got cobbled into a marketing gimmick that capitalized on the massive popularity of the Beatles. Because of the quality of their TV show, though, with its comic sketches filled with youthful hijinks and slapstick escapades, the Monkees became massively popular in their own right. I’m sorry Davy died so young at age 66. (When you start pushing 60 as I am, 66 seems quite young, indeed.) RIP, Davy Jones.

The lead singer on “Clarksville” was Mickey Dolenz (who was always my favorite Monkee), but Jones sang harmonies on the original recordings, and I’m sure he performed it in his later solo years. Here, I played the song straight through, singing against the Earnest La Paula uke, and then I added the Epiphone banjo uke, some scat singing, as well as some percussion and sound effects.

This link to the Web site refers to a bunch of interesting anecdotal (and therefore, not necessarily accurate) information about the history of “Clarksville.” And here’s a link to a 2007 YouTube video of Davy Jones singing “Your Personal Penguin,” a charming kids’ song based on characters created by cartoonist Sandra Boynton.



2 responses

1 03 2012
Tom Harker

Patsy, I liked The Monkeys too. Thanks for singing this song!!
Yours – Tom

1 03 2012
Patsy Monteleone

Cheers, Tom. Glad you like it! I was a fan of the lads, back when I was myself a lad.

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