I Wanna Be Like You

9 03 2012

I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)—R. Sherman/R. Sherman, 1967—(Recorded March 8, 2012) This song by the Sherman brothers, from Disney’s The Jungle Book, could not be more different from “Feed the Birds”; it’s up-tempo where the other is dirge-y, funny where the other is serious, and is sung by anthropomorphic cartoon animals where the other is sung by flesh-and-blood Julie Andrews.

The superb Louis Prima voiced the orang-utan character, King Louis, in the movie. A personal family anecdote has it that Prima pulled my mother out from the audience during one of his performances at some club in New York City (maybe the Copacabana) and danced the Jitterbug with her.

I recorded most of this tune in November of 2007 and revived it for today with new vocals, instrumentation, and mixing.

We can forever enjoy the overall fine body of work by the Sherman siblings. RIP, Robert B. Sherman.



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