Solace, A Mexican Serenade

10 08 2012

Solace, A Mexican Serenade—Scott Joplin, 1909 (Recorded August 10, 2012) Here’s a quick, low-res cell phone video of me playing the Scott Joplin number that many of us will remember from the soundtrack for the film, “The Sting.” This recording is of the “C” and “D” parts of the entire composition; these later sections of the whole were used in the movie score.

For Marvin Hamlisch, in memoriam, June 2, 1944–August 6, 2012.



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11 08 2012


This is even more marvelous on a second and third listen. You got all the counterpoint lines and that Habanera beat: just fantastic work!

Was just thinking of how important Marvin was. He really got millions, including me, inerested in rags and older pop and jazz with ‘the Sting’ an album i still have years later. Thanks!

11 08 2012
Patsy Monteleone

Thanks, John! “The Sting” knocked me out when I first saw it, and the “Solace” interlude has haunted me ever since. It’s worth looking up the entire piece, which is well represented on YouTube. Joplin was brilliant, and Marvin Hamlisch did Joplin’s music a great service by bringing it to the masses in that soundtrack.

11 08 2012

Very nice, Patsy! This has always been a favorite of mine and so nice to hear it done on a uke! Marvin would be proud. Thanks so much!

11 08 2012
Patsy Monteleone

Thanks for touching base, Wayne. Glad you liked it. I listen to Joplin rags all the time, and “Solace” is my favorite.



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