Reaching for the Moon

24 01 2013


Reaching for the Moon—Irving Berlin, 1930 (Recorded November 29, 2012) Here’s another “Moon” song, a lovely Berlin Ballad that I snagged from the recording that appears on the excellent Sinatra compilation, Moonlight Sinatra. I use the baritone ukulele on this one. I had to remix my original recording and work on the EQ to tone down some of the bass, but otherwise, it turned out OK.



2 responses

24 01 2013
Dave Davies

I thought this was going to be ‘(It’s Like) Reaching For the Moon’, as sung by Billie Holiday and a song I love and have been trying to play for sometime. However, I now love this too! (I wouldn’t have minded the baritone a bit more bassy, actually…..)

26 01 2013
P. Monteleone

I love the song you refer to…would like to do that some day, too. (There are so many thousands of great old tunes that I’d like to record, I’m sure it would take me a hundred years to get through half of them!) Interesting thought about the EQ on that song. The original version just seemed too thick at the bottom, so I cut it a little—not much, really.

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