Every Day’s a Holiday

16 06 2011

Every Day’s a Holiday—S. Coslow/B. Trivers, 1937 (Recorded June 16, 2011) This tune was the theme for the Mae West movie of the same name. The song only appears in the background in the movie, though, and even though Louis Armstrong appears in the film, I have not been able to come across any versions of Pops playing it.

Fats Waller recorded this tune twice, as far as I can tell, and the inestimable Al Bowlly did it as well. It’s a fun, swingy, happy tune that should be played every day, whether it’s a holiday or not! (Note: I added my own lyrics to the last chorus and verse; I felt it needed an extra boost toward the end so I concocted some new words, in the spirit of the original.)


Beat o’ My Heart

4 03 2011

Beat o’ My Heart—J. Burke/H. Spina, 1934 (Recorded March 4, 2011) Here’s an old tune that I originally picked up from an Al Bowlly/Ray Noble recording. Tony Bennett did a fantastic up-tempo version on his excellent latin-inspired Beat of My Heart LP, which was released in 1957. Neither version had the verse, though, but I was lucky enough to come across the sheet music for the tune. I’m not much of a sight reader of music, so I had to struggle a bit to make sense of all those squiggly lines until I was able to figure out the intro.

I’m sort of on a roll with recording and posting tunes. This’ll be the last one for the week, though. I’ll probably get back into it next Wednesday or so. Thanks for listening!