There’ll Be Some Changes Made

16 08 2012

There’ll Be Some Changes Made—B. Overstreet/B. Higgins, 1921 (Recorded July 19, 2012, re-mixed August 16) Here’s an old number I learned principally from listening to Mildred Bailey’s recording, but lots of other jazz people did it through the ages. Fats Waller’s and Ethel Waters’s versions are among my faves.

I know so many people these days who are going through rough times. This one is for all my friends out there who are looking for a little change of pace.


Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone

4 03 2011

Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone—S. Clare/S.H. Stept, 1930 (Recorded March 4, 2011) Here’s an old charmer about the break up of a love affair, with a plea for the other party not to gossip about intimate details of the faded relationship. This is another tune I learned early on in my uking career, and I remember singing it to my dad as he lay dying from oat-cell carcinoma of the lungs. Don’t smoke terbacky, kids! Everybody famous sang this one, but my all-time favorite is by the greatest of them all, Ethel Waters.

I’m dedicating this to two buddies of mine who lost a couple of close relatives in recent weeks. Hang in there, guys. When our loved-ones die, we are left to keep their legacies alive for the rest of the world to remember.