You Don’t Know Me

5 08 2012

You Don’t Know Me—C. Walker/E. Arnold, 1955 (Recorded August 5, 2012) I recorded this Eddy Arnold Country classic for the Ukulele Cosmos Monthly Invitational challenge. It’s a great lost-love ballad and has always been one of my very favorite tunes. Of course, Ray Charles’s version from 1962 is the most popular take on this tune, rising to #2 on the Billboard charts for that year. In my research, I was pleased to find out that Carmen McRae also cut this tune, in 1956. Anybody who knows me knows what a Carmen McRae nut I am; the song has taken on a new meaning for me now that I have heard it as stamped by one of the queens of jazz.


Georgia on My Mind

4 03 2011

Georgia on My Mind—S. Gorrell/H. Carmichael, 1930 (Recorded March 4, 2011) Here’s the song made hugely famous by Ray Charles 30 years after its composition by Hoagy Carmichael in 1930. The song is about Hoagy’s sister, Georgia, but it became associated with the US state of Georgia, especially after Ray Charles’s hit. The song’s original recording date in late 1930 with Carmichael and Bix Beiderbecke resulted in one of Bix’s last sessions before he died of alcoholism at age 28 in 1931. Let’s get drunk again, indeed.